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Jeff Forss
The Alignment Guy ®

632 11th Avenue So.
Hopkins, MN 55343

Welcome, A little about who I am and what I do:
My life in wheel alignment started at a chain shop in 1988. After many years of slowly gathering equipment and building a client base, I opened a little shop of my own in Bloomington in 2007.

I own/use a state-of-the-art in Hunter alignment computer and have been to several Hunter advanced training workshops. I can also put a vehicle straight with hand tools. I have worked on some amazing cars for street and track as seen in my photos on "Flickr". On the other end, I occasionally work on taxis. Really, be kind to me and I'm glad to see you and help you with your car. I've been called "The best alignment guy I've ever met" by a former boss.

Most of all, my customers are smart enough, and fussy enough, to go somewhere else if my work wasn't top shelf. No price is low enough if the work is no good. I also intend to earn a fair wage for my skills and business risks. My pricing is set similar to the chain shops, yet I don't have the pressure to rush and cut corners that those places put on their workers. As Miracle Max said: "You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles".

Hours? I usually get into the shop at 9:00 M-Sat. to do office work and return messages. I start fixing cars at 10:00. Last car in is usually around 5:00 during the week and 4:00 on Saturday. Because I work alone, all work is by appointment to keep my day full and customer wait times shorter. I tend to be booked a few days to a week out.

Working for yourself is as exciting as it is scary. This means that I am not always at my happy giggly best. I may growl and bark but I've never actually bitten anyone. Knowing that I have a lot of things happening, being prompt for your appointment, not blocking my shop door (that's why there's a no parking sign on it), and keeping out of traffic lanes inside the shop goes a long way towards getting "Happy Jeff" and not "Crabby Jeff". Thanks for understanding.