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Services That I Offer

Computerized wheel alignments using a Hunter camera system. I offer premium shop quality work at chain shop pricing. I can align to factory specs or custom settings.

Tire service and some sales (Tire Rack, Discount, and other mail order buyers welcome); I use a $10,000 Hunter "tulip" style changer with all plastic tool surfaces. I am able to do some motorcycle work as well using my Hunter machine and a static balancer.

I offer wheel balancing using a FMC/John Bean computer balancer with "finger plates" to improve centering of wheels on machine. I also have the VW/Early Porsche and eight bolt Pontiac wheel adapter. I always have no less than eight different styles of wheel weight in stock for pretty much any application.

Suspension and steering part service including strut and bushing/bearing press work (ball joints, tie rod ends, drive axles, etc.).

Brake reline and rotor/drum machine service, however I do not own a scan tool so I am not doing ABS service at this time.

Corner weight adjustments with Longacre digital scales.

I will consider doing some on-site alignment work if it's an interesting job or the price is right.